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About Me

Hi! I am so glad you are here. I'm Lizzie, and if time or money weren't an issue I'd spend my days by the seaside with the people I love, cold bottle of coke in one hand and camera in the other. We'd stay to watch the sunset before heading up for tacos, then sit and share stories and laugh til we fell asleep. Then do it all over again.

Always on the lookout for everyday beauty, I found myself drawn towards photography at a young age. During my college days, I realized I was passionate about creating things for people to enjoy. These things combined, it almost made too much sense to jump into photography. Now it is my joy to create timeless, light, and genuine photos for people near and far. Photographs help us remember life's most special seasons that oftentimes pass us by too quickly. So why am I photographer? Because I believe life and its fleeting moments are far too precious to let slip away.


I would be honored to be part of helping you remember all the different seasons that come your way. Growing family, couples, newborns, graduation, birthday portraits, any and all of it!  My home base is Columbus, GA, but I am available for travel anywhere and everywhere! Don't hesitate to reach out... I love to travel as much as I love documenting life through photography! All glory be to Christ.



Lizzie Gemes

Contact Me

call or text: 706-330-8015


Talk to you soon!

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